Monday, November 10, 2014

Old Stuff

I've been reviewing my images for various web sources and came across a file called 'old stuff'. It is all the old images i had on slide before the days of jpeg and digital cameras. So I thought i'd post em up here for a change.Some of them aren't that great but i wasn't much of a photographer in those days.

This was made after the first workshop i ever attended...with Hilary Bower 1995 i reckon

A piece made from experiments for 'the word' see below

Alphabet Sampler

A sampler inspired by Ledbury's market house

Dancing Daisy

this was massive but i can't remember it's name it had to go in the skip when i moved

A counterfeit Relic

Anyone remember fruity printing??

I think i took ideas for the design of this cushion from fruit segments???

'The Cosmos Laughed' poem by Mark Stevenson

This bag is inspired by rock strata i really went to town with the machine embroidery

'The Monkey' inspired by Mark Stevenson's Poem

'The Word' after a carving by Eric Gill

'A Small Market Town' inspired by my home town....the first of many mixed media pieces

thanks for taking a look!


Catherine Chapple said...

Lovely to see your old stuff, Angie. Love the sampler inspired by the gorgeous old market house and the poem too. It's fascinating to see how work evolves.

Michele Rickitt said...

Thank you for sharing these, it's so interesting to see your artistic development and progress, and inspiring to an aspiring textile artist at the start of her journey.

Pam Patterson said...

Your early art is very interesting and would have been fun experimenting with the different media. Thank you for sharing.

Stitcher said...

Angie, I remember several of these!!

Hazeltwig said...

Isn't life strange ... I have just been investigating Jasper John's alphabets and numbers and then up pops your photograph of an alphabet.

Angie H said...

thanks girls...i'm sorting out images trying to find a few nice ones for a little upcoming campaign....

Living to work - working to live said...

Angie - lovely stuff here. I love the way you incorporated words.